Gift Basket Program

Seniors for Pets chose a unique way to publicize our mission and our organization. Instead of spending money on newspaper ads, we delivered a gift basket of pet supplies to senior citizens each month. All income levels were included in this project, because it is a form of marketing our mission.

The posts in this category are shortened, revised versions of articles that ran in the Seniors for Pets newsletter each month. We shared them here, so you can learn a bit more about our monthly pet gift basket program.

This program originally began with deliveries only to SW Florida seniors but has since expanded to other areas of the country – like Tennessee, Arizona, Kentucky, and Indiana.

During these visits, we share our mission and talk about what we do to help needy seniors pay for veterinary care for their pets. Word of mouth is a great way to spread good news!

Our wonderful gift baskets are created by our organization and paid for by sponsors. In 2011 and 2012, the sponsors were Andy and Norma Dodson of Tennessee, who wanted to honor their daughter. Our 2012-2013 sponsor is Virginia Rush of Texas, who is honoring her granddaughters with this generous gesture.

While our gift basket delivery program is no longer active, we thought readers would enjoy the stories generated over several years of sharing our organization throughout communities.

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