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April 29, 2014


Anne Lorenz Anne Lorenz

During a trip to Arkansas and Tennessee, I stayed overnight on Monteagle Mountain with a high school friend. Anne Lorenz lives on a bluff overlooking a stunningly beautiful valley, and her historic home welcomes visitors to a quieter, simpler way of life. Widowed for several years, Anne shares her home with 4 cats. I met Slick and Tawny soon after I arrived.

Slick, the cat Friendly Slick

Slick is a lover-boy! The friendly black and white feline promptly lay down in front of me, totally relax ed with a stranger in his home. Tawny didn’t stick around for photos, but she is an equally striking animal. An addition to the home that Anne and her late husband Jack remodeled houses Anne’s private practice for tutoring children who learn differently. Anne operates the Anne P. Lorenz Tutoring & Consultation Service in Sewanee, TN. As she says, “I work with students who learn well but to the tune of a different drummer.” At the end of a day, she is at home in her little piece of paradise on the mountain. After a tour of the little town of Sewanee with stories of some of its interesting and illustrious past residents and a drive past the gothic spires of the old buildings housing the University of the South, we returned to the Lorenz home to a sight that many never have the opportunity to experience. Each evening, Anne goes outside and feeds the visiting wildlife. The foxes and raccoons that come to Anne’s door all have names, and she recognizes each one of them. Reynard and Reynalda just began bringing their kits to the nightly feeding. While some of the raccoons came right up to the porch step where we sat, the foxes were not so sure of me and kept their distance.

Raccoons ready to eat. A Raccoon & Fox Arrive


A fox enjoys his dinner One of the Foxes Enjoys Dinner

The cats, Slick and Tawny and their pals, enjoyed the pet gift basket full of goodies from Seniors for Pets, and I very much enjoyed meeting all the critters at the Lorenz abode.

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