Allergic to Cats? Help Is On the Way!

June 5, 2014

As many as 8-10% of the population suffer from sneezing and watery eyes due to cat allergies.  (  Some experience hives from either touching a feline or just being in a room where a cat resides.  The flying fur and dander triggers an attack.

A new vaccine supposedly cures this problem entirely as opposed to just masking the symptoms.  Scientists led by Mark Larche at McMaster University’s School of Medicine created this new vaccine that has virtually no side effects.

The vaccine is not yet available on the open market and can only be obtained in drug trials.

The Daily Cat article cited above also suggested 5 ways of cutting down on allergic reactions to felines:

1. Clean the house often to remove dust and dander.
2. Bathe your cat frequently with products that won’t deplete the natural oils in the animal’s skin.
3. Keep certain rooms cat-free.
4. Purchase a HEPA air cleaner to clean the air in your home.
5. Be certain it is the cat causing your allergy issues and not something else.

The article was written by Jennifer Viegas.

Share this news with those you know who suffer from cat allergies.  It could turn many more people into cat owners.

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