Meet Karen Gibson, Our Destiny & Skylar Pet Gift Basket Recipient

April 30, 2014



Seniors for Pets supporter Lara Latshaw delivered a pet gift basket to Karen Gibson and her Shih-Poos, Tootsie and Twinkie of St. Pete Beach. Karen has been a pet owner for many years and volunteers for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, as well as working parttime. One of the children she visits with her volunteer work helped Karen name the two dogs when they were puppies. They are just over 2 years old.

Karen takes her dogs on walks through St. Pete Beach, where they love to sniff and explore. Their favorite place to visit is a local doggie resort, Love My Dog. Tootsie and Twinkie stay in the “western” section where they can look out the window. The dogs also learned at a young age to enjoy going to the groomer. Their groomer, Missy, at Gone to the Dogs Boutique worked with them every few weeks to get them used to grooming. Now they enjoy their spa day.

Karen said, “I have a lot of respect for all rescues. They do a lot of work and deserve a medal for it.” She does have some advice when it comes to rescuing dogs. She suggests that one foster a dog first to make sure they get a better idea about the personality and behavior patterns of the animal they want. There can be issues that a rescue group may not bring up. She experienced this personally with a dog that suffered from separation anxiety. In that instance, the dog would have done well in a home where someone was home most of the time, unlike her situation where she’s working and volunteering. Because the rescue group did not alert potential new owners of the issue, the dog had at least three rescue homes.

Karen was excited to hear about Seniors for Pets. She, Tootsie and Twinkie greatly enjoyed their gift basket.

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