Pet Food Tips

August 6, 2013

Pet owners today are more and more concerned about the health of their dogs and cats.  To this end, more people are purchasing high-end pet food and treats.

These shoppers want a lot for their money.  They look for natural ingredients at an affordable price and the taste must appeal to their pets.

If you are one of those who is concerned about choosing the best for your dog or cat, consider the following when you shop:

  1. Ingredients are important.  Go to this link to learn exactly what to look for in pet food ingredients and also what should not be there. Make sure the ingredients you buy are sourced in the United States.  If the package doesn’t tell you, call the manufacturer and ask.
  2. Price matters.  You can find good, healthy pet food at affordable prices, but it may require some work on your part.
  3. Country of origin is crucial.  Some countries don’t have the necessary safety measures in place to ensure the quality of their pet food.  China is the best example of that.  Look for “Made in the USA” on the package or can.
  4. Taste matters to your pet.  No matter how healthy a food may be, if Fido or Fluffy won’t eat it, it’s a loser.  If you shop in a local pet retailer, ask if they have samples of a dog or cat food you are considering.  If not, buy the smallest package they sell to try on your pet.  Once you know the food works, you can purchase a larger, more economical size.  If you buy dry food that your pet won’t eat, call your local animal shelters and ask if they take donations of open bags of pet food.
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Bernard A. Baker October 31, 2013 at 11:59 am

This is a great article article for bloggers. These tips are indeed very helpful in health of your pet. Thank you for sharing.

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