3 Benefits of Walking for dogs and Humans

July 16, 2013

Everyone knows that dogs must be walked, but there are reasons other than exercise for making sure that Fido gets enough physical activity.

1.Companionship.  Walking your dog is good for your relationship with the animal.  He’s happy and shows it in his devotion to you.

2.Socialization.  You and your dog will benefit from neighborhood walks.  People you don’t know will stop to talk to your pet.  Both you and Fido will have the opportunity to gain new friends.  Daily walks also give you the opportunity to socialize your pup with other neighborhood animals.  Some dogs tend to be territorial and moving beyond their home boundaries will help them to understand that they don’t control the world.

3.Health.  Again, both you and Fido will see added health benefits from daily walks.  From weight loss to cardio strengthening, you’ll add years to both of your lives.  Walking also aids digestion in both animals and humans and helps build strong bones.

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