SFP Assists Client in Englewood

August 16, 2013

Today, Seniors for Pets took care of a veterinary examination for a gorgeous, white Husky named Samantha.  Samantha, who lives in Venice with her owner, is a vivacious, very active girl and charmed the entire staff at Englewood Animal Health Clinic.

Veterinarian Meets New Patient Samantha Greets Veterinarian, Dr. Cheryl Adams



Vet Tech, Derek, Receives Kisses from Samantha Vet Tech, Derek, Receives Kisses from Samantha


After showering Dr. Cheryl Adams and Vet Tech, Derek, with love and kisses, Samantha received her exam.  She was a wiggle-worm and had trouble holding still for her ear examination.




Samantha is a beautiful dog.



Samantha was declared healthy, and her owner was grateful for assistance from our organization.  Sometimes, our clients only need an exam or only need vaccinations, or only need flea & tick preventatives.  We work with our clients to provide the dog or cat with its basic medical needs.

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