Meet Tom and JR

September 16, 2012

I met Tom and JR on a trip to Indianapolis.  I wanted to spread the joy of our gift basket program around the country and with the help of my daughter-in-law, I visited Tom and his Jack Russell Terrier, JR.

Tom and wife Phyllis share their home with this busy little terrier, who has provided a lot of love and companionship for Tom as he cares for his wife, who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

The five-year-old pup was a gift from Tom’s daughter, and he doesn’t lack for creature comforts.  JR has a soft doggie bed in every room of the house.

Tom retired from his career as a corporate brand rep where he helped promote brands for accounts such as Meier, Kroger, Marsh and Cysco Food Services.  It was a pleasure to meet this very nice man and equally nice dog.  JR enjoyed his basket of goodies from Seniors for Pets.

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