Meet David and Lola

September 16, 2012

David and his wife Helen share their Sarasota home with Lola, a beautiful German Shepherd.  Lola greeted us on our visit with a big “Woof” that was both a hello and a gentle warning that she was definitely in charge.

Lola joined the family at the age of 2 after receiving Schutzhund training for both search and rescue and protection in Germany.  She then helped David in his antique business in New York with shows throughout the Northeast.  The shows were all highly juried and involved valuable antiques and a lot of money, so Lola earned her keep.

Today, Helen works for a local newspaper and David does media research for radio, newspapers, and television.  In his spare time, David creates beautiful wooden boxes for pet cremains.  These works of art sell between $50 – $100 each.  David uses a painting technique called “vinegar painting” that utilizes ground minerals and earth ground with mortar and pestle to create the finish.  A clear coat protects the finish.

We enjoyed our visit with David and the lovely Lola, and she enjoyed her gift basket of dog goodies.

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