Long Distance Moves with a Pet

August 9, 2013

Summer is the time of year for many families undertaking long distance moves.  It’s difficult enough moving children, but traveling with pets add drama to the effort, because they don’t always adapt easily to change.  Atlas Van Lines published some excellent tips to make a long-distance move a smooth experience for all.

1.  Decide how to move your pet.  If you plan to fly with your pet to your new city, check with the airlines for their rules and regulations.  Know whether your pet can travel in the cabin with you and what pet carrier will fit under the cabin seat or whether Fido must travel with baggage in a specified crate.  Some breeds of dogs aren’t allowed to fly at all on certain airlines.

If you plan to move your pet by car, you may find this to be easier and less stressful for your dog or cat.  Be sure to acclimate your pet to car travel well in advance of the long trip for the move.  If the animal is prone to car sickness, talk to your vet about suitable medication to less the chances.  Don’t feed your pet before you travel.

When I brought my 9-week-old Blue Great Dane puppy home from Ohio, the breeder had fed him 2 hours earlier.  The very frightened pup lost every bit of that meal within the first hour of the drive.

Never leave your pet alone in the car.  In warm weather, he could suffer heat stroke and die before you realize what has happened.  A nervous dog left alone in a car at any time might become destructive.

2.  Be certain you have all the required health documents for your pet.  Vaccinations should be up-to-date.  A collar and/or some other way to identify your pet should be on the pet.  Mircrochipping is an excellent way to be sure a lost pet will be returned to you.  Some states even require that a health certificate accompany any dog or cat.

For lots more information about safely moving your pet, go to  The Atlas Van Lines Company provides a wealth of tips and suggestions to help you get Fido and Fluffy and even some exotic pets to their new home.

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