The Importance of Dogs

September 8, 2013

To many of us, the true definition of “dog” is love.  They add so much to our lives, from companionship to undying devotion.  This evening, Gator had just come in from his walk around the lake with Jim and instead of heading to his bed to lie down and recover from the exercise, he moved from first me to Jim, nuzzling each of us with his long nose and showering us with kisses.  It doesn’t take much to make this big guy happy and he shows it repeatedly with his devotion.

Have you ever wondered about the beginnings of dogs and how they came to be man’s best friend?  Here is a wonderful graphic from our friends at The Uncommon Dog that gives us a timeline from the days of wolves.

Dog Infographic

 This graphic tells it all!  When we are sad or angry or in need of nurturing ourselves, our canine friends are right there with us, showering us with their love and devotion, giving us another being to care for and making us want to keep going. Because we know how important a role dogs play in our lives, we feel compelled to help senior citizens who might not otherwise be able to keep their beloved pets.  Just a small amount of help from Seniors for Pets can make such a difference.

If  helping a pet obtain necessary vaccinations and/or flea and tick preventatives enables the dog’s senior owner to continue to share his or her life with that animal, we feel we have done our job.  But to do this, we need help.  Even small donations make a difference.  Please consider making a donation of any amount by clicking on the DONATE tab and help us keep another pet with its senior owner.

We thank The Uncommon Dog for sharing this infographic with us.

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