Have a Plan for Your Pet’s Future without you.

March 3, 2011

It is easy to understand WHY senior citizens might feel like relinquishing their pet to an animal shelter when their own health makes caring for the pet more difficult.  Seniors for Pets believes that it is more important to have a succession plan. Many senior pets arriving late in life at a shelter do not have a very good chance at life. Determine first if a family member or friend will take Rover or Fluffy and love them as you would wish. If so, the problem is solved. If that option isn’t available, talk to your family lawyer and consider a pet trust that provides funds to a rescue group or rescuer to provide the care you wish.

Photo by: Chris Mucklow Meyer

Should you be facing this dilemma, call us at Seniors for Pets and see if we can help. We’ll help you consider some options that might make your life easier. If your mobility is compromised, it is difficult to walk the dog or even clean a cat’s litter box. Ask for help! Talk to your neighbors or relatives. Tell them you need help with such daily chores. Perhaps there is a Boy Scout or Girl Scout in your neighborhood who needs to earn merit badges, or you may find a friendly neighbor who is happy to help you. Call animal rescue groups in your area and ask if they have volunteers who could help you. It is even possible that social service agencies might help.

Serious conditions such as cancer, kidney disease or HIV /AIDS require extra precautions for pet care. In fact, any condition that compromises your immune system must be treated with care. The Humane Society of the U.S. suggests the following:

• Wash your hands after handling pets.

• Always wear protective gloves when changing a litter box or cleaning up after a pet “accident.” Wash your hands after these chores, even if you were wearing gloves.

• Keep your pets’ nails trimmed to minimize scratches.

• Treat your pet regularly with flea & tick repellant.

• Keep your pet inside, so it won’t be exposed to disease.

• Keep your pet’s vaccinations current.

• Seek veterinary care immediately if your pet should become ill.

Living with a serious medical condition can be challenging, but studies show that owning a pet reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and increases self-esteem, as well as providing unconditional love.

It makes sense to do everything possible to hang onto that very important part of one’s life during difficult times. Just as you make end of life planning important for your family; please provide the same attention to your pets. We would be happy to help when you make the contact.





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