Fur Angels On Earth

December 10, 2013

‘Twas the month of December and all thru the hut, there were kids and some cats and a whole herd of mutts.

The jewelry-crazed lady sat hunched on the couch, and fussed with her jewelry with shoulders all slouched.

She glanced up around her and said with a huff, I simply have got to get rid of some stuff.

For soon here we need to make room for a tree; I must make some room, now where could it be?

She starts moving furniture, helped by the critters, who snarled and growled and one almost bit her.

She stepped on his tail and it hurt quite a bit; then she sat on the old one and yelled oh no, shucks! (fooled ya, huh?)

The doggies all shoved and all rolled their eyes, and the older ones grumbled for this they despised.

Why does she DO this, this time of the year? They asked one another and one scratched his ear.

‘Tis an age-old tradition, the oldest one said, to drive yourself crazy and mess with your head.

This time of the year which should be joy filled, they all overdo and their voices get shrill.

They’ll fuss and they’ll ponder and get all worked up. But WHY do they do it, asked one younger pup.

Cause they’ve forgotten what its all about, answered the oldest one there, who now needed out.

They spend too much money, she said at the door, for things they don’t need and don’t want furthermore.

They haven’t yet learned what we lowly ones know, it’s just not their nature to see things as so.

But why can’t they see it?  When it seems so clear? The younger pup asked as he scratched at his ear.

Cause our souls are simpler and we know what’s true. Why, the first in the stable were like me and like you.

Simple creatures that just loved and knew what to do. They didn’t come asking, nor want anything; just wanted to sit by the new baby King.

And that’s how it’s been all the time, thru the years. The simplest of creatures know what to hold dear.

They love with a sweetness and a purity gold, that lasts even after they all have grown old.

They want nothing more at Christmas each year, than to sit near the feet of the master so dear.

So you mean that it started that nite long ago? asked the pup, as he sat and looked out at the snow.

That we were so chosen that we got to be In the presence of a King, of real royalty?

Yep. That’s where it started, that’s where it began, the special love shared with creatures and man. ‘Tis He that invited us in at His birth. And laid the foundation, fur angels on earth.


Another one by Linda Cheshire

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