The Importance of Pets for Seniors

August 9, 2013

A few months ago, I received a letter from a lady out of our service area who is trying to survive after losing her job at 60 years of age.  She read about Seniors for Pets in an article in Purina’s Petcentric newsletter.  Let’s call this lady, “Judy.”

Judy told me about “sort of getting by” on Social Security Disability benefits and attempting to earn her college degree.  She was very positive and upbeat about her future, even on such a limited income.

“I have to cut corners, but I’m fine,” she said.  “So are my cat, Cookie, and my dog, Moose.  Cookie and Moose are my only family.  They keep me going and keep me fighting to learn.”

“Cookie and Moose get flea stuff every other month, rather than monthly.  My dog gets the same deal with his heartworm preventative med.  I only buy Moose one heartworm pill at a time, because it’s all I can afford.  I can’t afford to address Moose’s allergies, which cause a chronic ear infection and itchy skin problem.”

Judy told me that Cookie hasn’t see a vet in years because of the cost.  Her story continued with more of the health issues she’s been through with her pets.  She was not asking for our help.  She only wanted us to know how glad she is that we are here for seniors who do need us.

“Senior citizens need their pets!” Judy added.  “Pets are therapeutic.  They give you so much unconditional love!  I know in my case, they are my reason to fight for a better life.  They are my reason to get up every morning with a smile and are the most wonderful companions to come home to.”

“On the whole, I am blessed.  I have a car and I can make it to food pantries for myself.  Some seniors don’t have enough money for meals and can’t get about independently.”

Judy thanked Seniors for Pets for what we do to help people who “really can’t get by at all.”

“Thank you for helping them care for their furry bundles of love, because I know these pets give them much-needed company, snuggles and unconditional love – a reason to smile every day.  Pets improve everyone’s quality of life.  They are God’s angels, and we are blessed to have them in our lives.”

Judy’s letter says everything that I preach about daily:  How important pets are in the lives of senior citizens.

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